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DubSiren Hifi Reggae Geeks Session

DubSiren HiFi Reggae Geeks Saturday Night Session 1-13-13 by Daijin Jah on Mixcloud

Regarding our sound system project , we are waiting to build 2 more Scoops. We often meet up at sound stage Burbank , do this kind of session. Hopefully we finish building sound system by March.

Reggae On The River 2012

I had a great time last year. Personally I am looking forward to see Toots & the Maytals ,Yami Bolo , Turbulence, Pato Banton and Fantan Mojah in this year’s line up.

Dub Siren DX Released!

Finally Dub Siren DX is online! Give Thanks to Apple crew for such a quick review process!

Jahtari Sample Pack 2 Coming Soon!

Jahtari’s new sample pack is coming soon! This is a demo song made by Jahtari used only new sample pack samples. Enjoy!
Zion Train、Big Youth、VP Record Deejay Pack are also available same time.

Cultual Warriors New Album Comig Soon!

Nice video clip. Dub Siren contributor  Cultural Warriors’ new album looks good. Dubbed by seven modern dubmaker. I can’t wait to hear that.  Big Up Lionpaw!

Speakers in Jamaica!

Some speakers pics from recent JA trip.

CD vender at MoBay downtown.


CD shop in Negril. I love tweeters placement.


@Negril, Reggaeman’s Ital foods restaurant. Good for 70′s roots rock reggae. When D.Brown’s “cheater” came from the system. It sounded so good!


Pro-setup for Every Sunday night dance at beach park, Negril. Sounded loud and good.


Negril,Jam-can bridge bar. Close to Rick’s cafe. Dear tourists, go to this place before go to see sunset. My favorite setup in Negril.



Setup in the bar next to Burbon Beach.


Vegetable cart shop sound system!


The sound system in the market!


Downtwon Kingston. Juice shop system.




Clothing shop system!


At 4 sound systems clash event in Kingston.


Dub Siren DX Coming Soon!

Soon come

Reggae On The River

I was Reggae On The River again on July 16th and 17th. It was over 10 hours drive from my house, but it was worth it.


The official camp ground is the Cooks Valley Campground. It is same area of where ROTR was held before. It is very nice under the shade of the red wood trees setup. I forgot to bring my hammock!

Music are coming from all over the campground. Reggae campers like to play own music!



To get to the concert, take the school shuttle bus. It’s 10 miles north of the camp ground.

Driving through beautiful redwood tree forest.


This is Redwood stage.

Bushman. I love his Selassie Tie Dye T-shirts. I wonder where he got it.

Super crisp clear sound system. Even security dude starts dancing.




Nice messages. Northern Cali vibes.

Humboldt Size!

Rootz Underground performance. I loved it.
 Tony Rebel.
 Queen Ifrica.




The concert finished 10pm, then the after hour party was held at Cooks Valley Campground every night until dawn.

They played mostly Dancehall selections. The PA system blew me away. They are BASSCRAFT . Highly recommended to experience this sound system.


I am so glad that ROTR came back strong and the vibe was same. I don’t think it is possible to have same festival even in other part of California. You need to come all way up to Humboldt to experience this.
One note for camping at the official camp site. If you need to sleep night, go to other camp grounds nearby. You can’t sleep night due to massive sound system.


Reggae on The River

I started packing for Reggae on the river. Looking forward to see Queen Ifrica, Clinton Fearson, Rootz Underground. There are still tickets available. It will be a nice beautiful weekend!