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Sapp Coffee Shop / Thai Town

sapp coffeesapp coffee front
curry chicken
Sapp Coffee Shop.
Dub Siren Official Thai Restaurant in Hollywood. The owner of restaurant generously put Dub Siren sticker on the middle of front door!
The boat noodle soup is great. This curry chicken is served on Tuesday only.

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A beach day OC

beach dub siren
We went to San Clemente beach in Orange County. Good 3G coverage in OC! We could listen all radio station without any problem.
We are next to a family of Real Housewives of Orange County!

Backayard TV

Dub Siren Video in Backayard TV


Highly recommended for all Dub lovers!

Screechy Dan Premiere Video by Splurt

Screechy Dan Premiere Video

Splurt is Dub Siren’s official demo tester. Big up!

SNWMF part2

vender girl's stash
Local vendor girl’s stash.

ital foods

Ital is vital.


driving to boomville
Drive 500miles to N.Cal.

vw camp
reggae pop
We always see Reggae Pops in Reggae festival in all over California! He is great dance teacher.

jeff sant rosa crew
DJ Jeff, Irie Sounds crew

stone love copy
Stone Love Dancehall set

sticker festival

Anthony B
Anthony B

michael rose
Mykal Rose

Bigup Radio 24/7 Reggae Music

Dub Siren on Bigup Radio site!

Dub Siren Stickers

dubsiren stickers
Big up for Sticker Robot! Excellent quality! I will give away these at SNWMF.

iPhone OS3

iPhone Bluetooth
The best feature OS3 for me is stereo bluetooth! No more ugly transmitter on my iPhone.