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Large Up is a radio program live aired each Sunday on Radio Mille Pattes. We love this French Reggae/Dancehall station. Their DJ kindly speaks not only French but English,so we can understand! Last week they got Lone Ranger as one of guests. It was very interesting session. Check it here!
You can listen this wonderful station in Dub Siren soon! Big up for LARGE.UP crew!

Dub Siren by Marcpause

marcpause dubsiren
Our Canadian friend, Marcpause made custom Dub Siren! Please check out his siren on Sly & Robbie’s track.

A shop @ Hollywood

prop 215 shop3
prop 215 shop2
prop 215 shop
I found this shop near my house. Nice wall painting! Big up!

Mighty Diamonds @Dub Club

mighty diamonds
Last night @ Dub Club. The mixer was Scientist! Last time I saw Mighty Diamonds was 1991? in Japan. I had great time. I love Dub Club so much! Big up!

Radio Radius

Radio Radius is student web radio station @ Zurich, Switzerland. They play various genre of music. Specially we love Steppas Choice on Monday and Jungle Rocket on Thursday. Check their renewed website for detailed schedule! Big up for Radio Radius crew!

Survival Beach Restaurant port Antonio

survival beach restaurant

restaurant out sideoliver kanfubread bananafish dish

Our favorite restaurant in Port Antonio ,Jamaica. Owner chef Oliver cooks amazing ital foods. Just remember that you have to spend at least 2-3 hours to finish the meal.
24 Folly road Port Antonio, Jamaica

Rockers International Record Shop

rockers recordjpg

rockers international kingston recordsrockers pablo's bro

To visit Rockers International is one of the highlights of my Jamaica trip. This record shop should be a world heritage site. You’re time trip to 70′s Rockers era. The owner of shop is Augustus Pablo’s brother, Garth Swaby.
I love this record shop so much!
135 Orange Street, Kingston Jamaica,W.I

Graffiti @ Silverlake

graffiti large


We welcomed KAI&I Radio in our radio selection in version 1.1. This station is very unique because they blend Hawaiian vibe and Jamaican vibe together. Please tune in! You will feel the rhythm of the tropical islands!

Happy 4th of July! @Compton

3 girls frag

3kids pool


dancing in the street!

Dancing in the street!

dj compton


rastaman serious bussiness

Rastaman in serious busniness.

right up fireworks

fireworks girl

volcano fireworks!

Big up for Compton people! I’ve never been such a fun block party except here in Compton.

Big up for founding fathers of Freedom country!

I ate too much ribs..