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Splurt Technology


Splurt is Dub Siren demo tester. Check out his hilarious video! ! He is a rare crossover talent of Dancehall Reggae and Electro music. Big up Splurt!

Sunny day in LA

It was beautiful sunny day in LA. Big up Danny.


Our favorite RagaJungle radio station, PsychoRadio. We loved intro sample from Benji’s “Ganja Smoker” last year.
The PsychoRadio stream went online on July 2008. Basically Raga/Jungle heads from all over Germany to have their favorite RaggaJungle mixtapes available everywhere and every time. They started with only 20 slots. But now they are getting close to 100 slots. They got X5 listeners in 2 years! All mixtapes running in playlists are freely downloadable in their site.
They are always looking for DJs who want to do liveshows especially in genres like RaggaJungle, Jungle, DnB, Dubstep and Reggae. Big up PsychoRadio crew!

Dub Siren Badge

Brooklyn kid sent us this badge. He is big fun of Dub Siren. Check out his original video! Big up C and Gangs! dub siren badge

Bass Vandalizm

Bass Vandalizm
Our friend, Radio Dadio, has a sound system and music label called Bass Vandalizm. This crew has been promoting dub and dubstep in Switzerland since around 2003. They built their sound system on their own. Also they make analog circuit bent Dub Siren as well. This sounds like a good sound system!! I would love to feel the bass!! Big up!

Dub Siren Version 1.4

jacob miller poster
We are sorry, this is only Radio list update. Soon come V 2.0!

Dub Master’s Mixing Video

Which one is your style?

Capleton-Life (World Crisis Riddim)

After the smashing hit single “World Crisis” by Don Carlos & Million Stylez, Inkalink records and Radio Mille Pattes are back on the track with a new production on the same riddim with Capleton and his version called “Life”. Recorded at the famous Anchor Studios in Kingston JA, Capleton “Life” will soon be available on 7′…enjoy the video !

Scientist in Control @ Dub Club


Scientist in control. Big Up!

Dub Siren V2 Video Production

ron paint We are making Dub Siren V2 video. Big up Bun!