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Dub Siren Video Mix

dub siren video mix
We finally finished mixing of Dub Siren video.

Camera: Bunshaka, Ayumi, Dai
Editing: Bill, Dai
Mixing: Eric
Cast: Lee Perry, Ron, Heshim, Danny, Bill, Ellen, Tony, Jacob, Bunshaka, Anthony, London People, Compton People,
Special thanks to VP Records, Jahtari, Hacienda Post, and Fru-T.

Dub Siren V2

Due to renewal of contract with Apple, Dub Siren is offline in App store right now. It will come back shortly. ja tv

Dub Siren V2 Submitted

speaker sounsystem jamaica2

Dub Siren V2 Submitted.

1.Thanks to the new audio engine, reaction speed is 4 times faster than the current dub siren.

2. There is a new “bank page” in Dancehall mode. More sound packs to choose from. We will start releasing new sound packs in end of May. Current versions will include the “Weapon” sound pack in addition to the “classic” sound pack..

3. The new Chop mode in the Dub mode. You can do transformer play on siren.

4. You can add Delay effects on samples in the Dancehall mode.

5. You can access iTunes by pressing the radio button for more than 3 sec.

6. You can shuffle radio stations by shaking your iPhone.

7. Screen goes to sleep.