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OS4 iPhone4

We are very sorry about compatible issue with current Dub Siren/Dub Siren Pro. Compatible version is under review by Apple. Please wait a couple more days. Multitasking is nice!!!

OS4 Compatibility

Current Dub Siren is not compatible with OS4. However we submitted the update, it will be released shortly. Sorry for inconvenience.

Large Up 6/20/10

Niceness! This has got to be one of the sweetest mixes ever to reach my ears! Mad track selections and listen up -the Dub Siren sounds are in full effect. Big ups to LARGE UP – Respect!

Dub Siren Pro

ron festival
We received email from Apple. Dub Siren Pro will be released soon. No more “soon come”!!!!!

Dub Siren is back online!

Sorry for inconvenience. All our fault! Dub Siren is back online. We will submit Pro today!