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RIP Suger Minott

Peter Tosh @ London

I got this picture from a photographer friend in London. It was taken end of 70′s. I wish I was there! Big up Michi!

iOS4/ How to quit the app completely

Dub Siren will continue playing in the background is iOS4. To quit the app, double-click the home button on your phone to bring up the running app dock, which should include the Dub Siren icon. Next, press and hold the Dub Siren icon until the icons begin to jiggle, as if moving them around the home screens. You will notice a red ‘stop’ sign on the top lefthand corner (-); pressing this will quit the app.

Happy 4th of July from Compton


iOS4 Update

iOS4 compatible version is finally released. Please update your Dub Siren/Dub Siren Pro to newest version.