Dub Siren DX Released!

Finally Dub Siren DX is online! Give Thanks to Apple crew for such a quick review process!

OS4 iPhone4

We are very sorry about compatible issue with current Dub Siren/Dub Siren Pro. Compatible version is under review by Apple. Please wait a couple more days. Multitasking is nice!!!

Dub Siren Pro

ron festival
We received email from Apple. Dub Siren Pro will be released soon. No more “soon come”!!!!!

Dub Siren in iPad

Got the new iPad today. Installed current Dub Siren. It works very smoothly. Nice to have big screen! We are planning to develop iPad version of Dub Siren. The Siren page and the sampler page will be same screen. Flanger, EQ, Pan function would be nice. Big up Apple!

New and Noteworthy in UK iTunes Store

Picture 13 We are honored to be selected in New and Noteworthy, UK iTunes Store! We love UK dub Stylee! Big up UK Apple crew!

iTunes Japan Best of 2009

best of 09
Dub Siren is Best of 2009 App in Japan! Thank you Apple!