One of the our favorite Dubstep station, Dubstep.fm.
Since April 10th, 2007, Dubstep.fm is broadcasting Dubstep at a 192Kbps MP3 stream 24/7 from Seattle. It is very interesting to see worldwide broadcasting is coming from this room! Founder/DJ DopeLabs is our Dub Siren demo tester as well. He does all graphic design of Dubstep.fm site. Big up DopeLabs!
DL dubstepfm


Our favorite RagaJungle radio station, PsychoRadio. We loved intro sample from Benji’s “Ganja Smoker” last year.
The PsychoRadio stream went online on July 2008. Basically Raga/Jungle heads from all over Germany to have their favorite RaggaJungle mixtapes available everywhere and every time. They started with only 20 slots. But now they are getting close to 100 slots. They got X5 listeners in 2 years! All mixtapes running in playlists are freely downloadable in their site.
They are always looking for DJs who want to do liveshows especially in genres like RaggaJungle, Jungle, DnB, Dubstep and Reggae. Big up PsychoRadio crew!

Bass Vandalizm

Bass Vandalizm
Our friend, Radio Dadio, has a sound system and music label called Bass Vandalizm. This crew has been promoting dub and dubstep in Switzerland since around 2003. They built their sound system on their own. Also they make analog circuit bent Dub Siren as well. This sounds like a good sound system!! I would love to feel the bass!! Big up!