DubSiren Hifi Reggae Geeks Session

DubSiren HiFi Reggae Geeks Saturday Night Session 1-13-13 by Daijin Jah on Mixcloud

Regarding our sound system project , we are waiting to build 2 more Scoops. We often meet up at sound stage Burbank , do this kind of session. Hopefully we finish building sound system by March.

Jahtari Sample Pack 2 Coming Soon!

Jahtari’s new sample pack is coming soon! This is a demo song made by Jahtari used only new sample pack samples. Enjoy!
Zion Train、Big Youth、VP Record Deejay Pack are also available same time.

Speakers in Jamaica!

Some speakers pics from recent JA trip.

CD vender at MoBay downtown.


CD shop in Negril. I love tweeters placement.


@Negril, Reggaeman’s Ital foods restaurant. Good for 70′s roots rock reggae. When D.Brown’s “cheater” came from the system. It sounded so good!


Pro-setup for Every Sunday night dance at beach park, Negril. Sounded loud and good.


Negril,Jam-can bridge bar. Close to Rick’s cafe. Dear tourists, go to this place before go to see sunset. My favorite setup in Negril.



Setup in the bar next to Burbon Beach.


Vegetable cart shop sound system!


The sound system in the market!


Downtwon Kingston. Juice shop system.




Clothing shop system!


At 4 sound systems clash event in Kingston.


Dub Siren DX Coming Soon!

Peter Tosh @ London

I got this picture from a photographer friend in London. It was taken end of 70′s. I wish I was there! Big up Michi!


Our favorite RagaJungle radio station, PsychoRadio. We loved intro sample from Benji’s “Ganja Smoker” last year.
The PsychoRadio stream went online on July 2008. Basically Raga/Jungle heads from all over Germany to have their favorite RaggaJungle mixtapes available everywhere and every time. They started with only 20 slots. But now they are getting close to 100 slots. They got X5 listeners in 2 years! All mixtapes running in playlists are freely downloadable in their site.
They are always looking for DJs who want to do liveshows especially in genres like RaggaJungle, Jungle, DnB, Dubstep and Reggae. Big up PsychoRadio crew!

Talawa.fr The Roots Social Network

Talawa.fr is social network site for the roots music lovers. They updated website recently. Looks really good! They are trying to be a Face Book of Reggae,Roots community. Big up Vic!

Don Carlos & Million Stylez- World Crisis

French Reggae station,Radio Mille Pattes and french label Inkalink Records produced great Don Carlos & Million Stylez tune! 7 inch is only available in France this moment. I wish I can get this in US! Big up!

living room setup in Paris

Our French Dub Siren demo tester Vic’s living room setup.

A record vendor @ Brighton

I didn’t check the records here. Because I am sure I will find something I want! Big up for UK Dub Siren demo tester Simeon.